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Anti Scale Water Treatment System

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IOREX is environmental product developed in high-tech. Once IOREX is installed in plumbing system that water passes through, it makes activated water, which prevents rust, scale and slime that cause pollution and corrosion in plumbing system. In addition, IOREX is environmentally friendly apparatus which helps Well-being life by sterilization and softening water and keeping essential minerals for living thing. It is necessary to all plumbings which the water passes, including water supply, industrial water, buildings, apartment house and so on.

IOREX is...

IOREX produces the live water as the world? best no-power water treatment system which is developed by KOREA J-TECH Co., LTD. IOREX effectively removes and prevents rust and scale by instant ionizing water that passes through a water supplying system. This is the most natural and environment friendly water treatment system that also helps living things grow and keeps them healthy by activating water

Ionized water processor IOREX

When water passes the IOREX, static electricity arises due to friction on the contact surface. And when the electrical charge goes up by absorbing the static electricity it emits the outer nuclear electrons and becomes charged. Then, a strong static electricity field is created via the transfer of the electrical charge and when water passes through the static electricity field it gets instantly ionized. IOREX converts simple water into ionized water via the charging effect using the Turbulence-jet and Galvanic-currents

Principal of water treatment process

Prevention and removal of rust

Al which has more ionization tendency than Fe and Cu endlessly generates an electron so that it prevents ionization of Fe(iron) , which will eventually bring prevention of oxidation.

Al (aluminum) ---------- Al2+(ion)+2e-(electron)

Rust (Fe2O3) with electron changes to Magnetite (Fe3O4), which prevents the formation of stained water.

It take 1-4 weeks to from Rust(Fe2O3) to Magnetite (Fe3O4), formation of rust is interrupted after installation.

Furthermore, formed Magnetite is continually receiving electrons so that it becomes iron which does not ionize. Therefore rust remains are thoroughly removed.

Rust is formed by reaction of Iron (Fe), Oxygen (O2) and water (H2O). However, as Al2+ is combined with Oxygen (O2) in advance, Fe2+ can't combine with Oxygen (O2). In result, corrosion is prevented.

Prevention of scale

Crystals of scales which are in the shape of 7 ㎛ needle shaped structure cohere themselves into 100 diameter of spherical shaped structure

The scale crystal produced in nature state is needle-shaped structure which size is 7μμm in average, and these needle-shaped structure ions pass through IOREX getting static electricity and cling to aluminum ion(Al2+), and scale particles of various type of needle-shaped structure are transformed to globular shape of average 110μμm discs which grow 15times by chemical reaction and 1 volt of static electricity, then scale particles flow out with fluid in this state without clinging to pipe lines.

This is 100μμm of hard object which anion such as HCO3-, SO4-, Cl- cohere around Al2+ as core in water then cation such as Ca2+, Mg2+, Al2+ cohere around on it. Many negative ions such as (HCO3-, SO4-, Cl-) go to Al in the water. Also, those positive electric surcharges came to near the Al form a shape of cloud on a property of negative electric surcharge.

IOREX functions and anticipated effects

  • Resolves issues within pipes : prevents and eliminates rust, scale and slime within the pipe
  • Sterilization : sterilizes colitis germs and general germs in the water
  • Softening of water : integrates with hard-water ions, minutely decomposes
  • Healthy living : it is easily absorbed into the body, affects the growth and health of plants and animals, helps deal with skin diseases

Anticipated effects of IOREX by category

(water supply, plant/industrial facilities)

Health living
(buildings/apartments, homes)

Extends the lifetime of pipes
Increases heat efficiency
Decreases the amount of water leakage
Addresses frequent mechanical troubles due to scale
Cuts maintaining/repairing expenses

Fresh baths
Sterilizes germs in water
Deals with skin diseases
Perfect cleansing
Creates healthy water

Removal of scale

1) Along the needle-shape is getting transformed to globular shape, the relaxation is activated in the needle-shaped structure and it separates the combination of (+) ion and (-)ion so the scale structure of scale is destroyed little by little.

2)Scales are removed by continuous hitting scale materials on the surface of an internal side od a pipe.

3) Carbon dioxide (CO2) turned to spherical structure melts the scales inside of a pipe as stalactite of limestone cave.

CaCO3 + CO2 + H2O ------ Ca(HCO3)2

The effects of the healthy water

IOREX breaks down water clusters into smaller clusters so that they can be more easily absorbed by living organisms, thereby activating their cell functions and stimulating their growth.

The activation principle

When water passes through IOREX, static electricity is created due to water friction and an electrostatic field forms inside IOREX. Water molecules are usually combined in clusters (50 to 60 of them). But when water passes through IOREX, the cluster is deconstructed into one or two molecules or into H+ and OH- due to the static electricity.


The principle of stimulating growth

When the water molecules' cluster gets broken down into smaller particles, surface tension weakens. As a result, water and fertilizer components and nutrients dissolved in the water are easily absorbed by the capillary roots of plants. This accelerates the growth of plants and makes them more resistant to disease, helping them to remain fresh for a longer time.
The water that passes through IOREX is easy to be absorbed inside cell and lets animal resistant to disease as the function of enzyme and hormone change to be active.
As a result, it helps growth of animals and improvement of quality.


  • No power, No medicines
  • It does not use chemicals, magnets.
  • It is possible to use for semi permanent term.
  • Easy installation and usage
  • Maintenance-free
  • Consistent water flow and pressure
  • Applicable to all kinds of pipes

Business category

  • Leakageof water due to the spot rust in the water supply pipe shall be relieved.
  • Trouble shooting for the internal water supply pipe line.
  • Solution for the complaint of residents by shorten the water suspension time and saving cost of pipe line exchange
  • Extension of life cycle of water supply pipe.
  • Remove and prevent rust-scale on boiler, heat exchanger and other water pipe line.
  • Maximize heat efficiency on the facility that was dropped heat efficiency.
  • Minimize leakage rate of pipe line.
  • Eliminate frequent malfunction due to the scale.
  • Remove and prevent rust - scale of each pipe line and boiler.
  • Provide fresh and clean water to the people who drink water.
  • Remove not only rust - scale but green-blue appearance and slime.

Effect on gardening

  • Quick growth because nutritive elements shall be absorbed quickly from the root.
  • Keep freshness in long time when storage and transport.
  • Remarkable save volume of agrichemicals because of increment resistance to the germs.
  • Increment of crop by vigorous photosynthesis.

Effect on livestock

  • Increment effect of feed because it helps to digest and absorb.
  • Reduce death rate over 60% due to strengthen resistance.
  • Maximize production due to sanitized condition.
  • Produce high quality livestock by dissolution over 80% of toxic material such as heavy metal and insoluble phosphoric acid.
  • Improvement of meat quality.
  • Remarkable reduce of night soil smell.

Refreshed bath

  • Skin shall be soft afterbath because of removing rust stain and heavy metal.
  • Much better cleansing because of perfect dissolution of soap elements.
  • You may feel recovery of exhaustion same as hot spring therapy because of ingredients of mineral and function of soft water.

Remarkable effect on skin problems

  • It protects skin from the skin problems (pimple, athlete's foot, eczema, psoriasis and protection of gum), and also protects atopic dermatitis for the baby, loss of hair and dandruff.

Perfect cleansing effect.

  • Remainder of make up, ingredient of green earth and heavy metal shall be existed if you use various cleansing make up product. It cleans these ingredients which still existed in skin pores.
  • You may use less volume of detergent when wash dishes and cloths, and easy to remove old stain.
  • You may use razor more safely because it moves smoothly on the skin, and skin shall be protected.

Well-Being effect

  • The particle of water which has come through IOREX shall be smaller and be absorbed fast to the cell and speed up metabolism and recover exhaustionfast, ionized water shall make various enzymes and body function be active and raise immunity to diseases by normalized biochemical reaction.

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